Construction Plumbing

We are ready for any job and assure you that you will be receiving the best service.

Our responsibility:

As your construction plumbing company, we ensure the quality and integrity of the work, by doing so we ensure that we conform to industry practices and strict adherence to the specifications of the project.

Our residential and commercial new construction division is renowned for getting the job done and doing it correctly. Our plumbing experience and expertise are difficult to match. We are, often contacted to finish, repair, or replace work begun by other plumbers or plumbing companies.
Construction plumbing is underground, in walls, in ceilings or floors and is not visible after the structure is complete, problems can often lie undetected for months, and this can be costly to correct.

A construction plumbing company must have the equipment, personal and management resources, great service, excellent value, and reliability to meet the contract requirements and provide SABS approved products and to ensure a solid plumbing solution; this is something that we can provide.
Our responsibility as your construction plumbing company is to ensure the quality and integrity of the work by conforming to the state of industry practices and strict adherence to the specifications of the project.

Here are just a few of the advantages our commercial plumbing customers say made Plumbboyz Plumbing Company their construction plumbing company of choice:

•A long, proven track record as a construction plumbing contractor
•Broad experience with all types of new, refurbishment, and renovation construction
•Responsibility, reliability, and communication
•Professional execution of plans and drawings
•Competitive costing with greater value
•Extensive equipment and parts
•On time and on budget
•Excellent references

We take pride in our work because our client relationships as our most valuable asset.
We know you want a construction plumber with everything it takes to provide the very best value for your project.
We invite you to explore the option to select Plumbboyz Plumbing Company as your commercial or residential construction plumber.